GoChamps Felicitates Young & Promising Cricketers from Different States in a Grand Award Function

Headquartered in Mumbai, GoChamps is a new and upcoming sports preventive and supportive products brand which was incorporated in 2020 under Ascent Sigmax Sportsmeds Pvt Ltd. GoChamps recently conducted a grand awards function at Hotel Westin, Garden City, Mumbai wherein numerous cricketers who have been performing consistently and showing a promise to be the next big thing were spotted and felicitated by GoChamps.

The 11 Emerging Cricketers namely Yash Dhull (Delhi), Shaik Rasheed (AP), Harnoor Singh (Chandigarh), Aaradhya Yadav (UP), Musheer Khan (Mumbai), SV Rahul (AP), Arnav Kishor (Bihar) , Aryan Dalal (Delhi), Yuvraj Singh (Haryana), Kumar Kushagra (Jharkhand) & Dheeraj Goud (Hyderabad) were selected by Former Indian Cricketer & Chief of Senior Selection Committee Mr.Chetan Sharma. Apart from that, Tanush Kotian, Former India U19 & Current Mumbai Ranji Player was made the brand ambassador of GoChamps.

Tanush Kotian

Cricketgraph connected with GoChamps Vice President Rakesh Kumar who has been an athlete himself in his early years. Rakesh himself played till Junior Level before he leaped onto the Corproate World where he has been around since more than 2 Decades.

Rakesh Kumar – GoChamps VP

What was the motivation behind conducting this awards function?

A lot of small events happen here and there, Delhi will conduct an event for Delhi Cricketers, Hyderabad will do that for Hyderabad Cricketers, BCCI recently did one awards function at Motera for India U19 Team but no one has executed a grand award function where in promising and young cricketers from Different States can be called up on one stage. Hence, GoChamps decided to conduct this event giving a platform to those young cricketers.

What was the purpose and on what basis were the cricketers selected?

We conducted this awards function under the aegis of Mansi Mistry Foundation. We had invited Mr.Chetan Sharma who is the current senior member of the selection committee and also a former Indian Cricketer. The purpose was to bring these talented cricketers under the eyes of seniors like Chetan Sharma and others because these kids are the future and they need a platform where they are recognized. Now take example of Musheer, he has been consistently performing at all age groups for Mumbai and he is one player to watchout for, similarly alongwith Musheer we selected 11 such promising cricketers.

In what capacity were the selected players acknowledged or recognized in the GoChamps Awards Function?

We have given the 11 Selected Players apart from the Trophy, Medal and Citation a GoChamps Shield Insurance of 5Lakhs- a complete medical insurance for one year. Rs 51,000/- Cash to each player from GoChamps Care Initiative and GoChamps Protection of GoChamps Products worth Rs 25,000/-

Can you tell us more about GoChamps Brand?

GoChamps is a sports brand formed under Ascent Group which already owns Flamingo Brand. Flamingo makes post injury supportive products & has been around for more than 2 decades. However, many players shared feedback to make products which they can wear while playing to prevent injuries. That is when we decided to make GoChamps. It’s been 2 years now since we have done a lot of R&D and in 2 years we have made 8 medically certified products.

We all know a shelf life of a Sportsperson is very low, It’s on an average 10 to 12 years, the extra ordinary ones have between 12-20 yrs. In already such small shelf life, there is a fear of getting injured. Once a player gets injured, it’s difficult to recover and I have seen many careers getting over due to injuries including mine! The recovery gets difficult and its time consuming in most cases. Hence, we have decided to introduce injury preventive products which players/athletes can wear it along on the ground to avoid injuries. Take for example, a cricketer in his kitbag will have some default things in the bag like pads, abdo guard, bat, helmet, gloves, thigh guard, chest guard but what about carrying a knee cap or how about carrying an ankle support along? We want to inculcate a habit formation in players to carry these injury preventive products as default in their kitbag like other products because at the end of the day GoChamps is aiming for a revolution, a movement to prevent injuries and optimize the shelf life of cricketers and other athletes.

GoChamps GoChamps

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