Help a Fellow Scorer In Need NOW!! – Tushar Trivedi

The cricket fraternity needs to come together and financially aid a BCCI Scorer Tushar Trivedi as soon as possible. The donations links are at the bottom of the article.  

BCCI senior scorer Tushar Trivedi from Ahmedabad under the Gujarat Cricket Association, is suffering from chronic kidney disease at the SAL Hospital & Medical Institute, Ahmedabad and is in an urgent need of funds to a tune of 10 lakhs for kidney transplant, so far only 6 lakhs have been  collected, but require another four lakhs. He has made an appeal to the ACCSI for assistance. 

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The ACSSI request scorers, statisticians, umpires, commentators, cricketers, journalists, our members and cricket fans to assist our fellow scorer. Any amount from one thousand to ten thousand, more if possible is welcome, can be paid directly to Tushar’s account through NEFT or UPI. 

Any help would be much appreciated. Please spread the word around to spread the awareness. 


To donate click on the link below: 

UPI Payment Number: 9099976357 

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