How to be an MCA Level “O” Coach? | By Sumeet Khanna

To become an MCA certified coach, you need to be in touch with the Mumbai Cricket Association to get all the updates about the exams schedule.  Once you get hold of the schedule, then you need to fill up the forms available on MCA site and submit at the MCA office. Currently MCA takes level O exams once every year. Once you pass the level O exams, you become a certified coach and become eligible for level A exams conducted by BCCI. This Certification will help you get a job as a Coach/Assistant Coach in all A, B and C division Cricket Clubs or Academies. 


Things which are covered in MCA Level O Exam-

The exams are conducted once a year either in May or September/October (Last year it was in Sept/Oct), it depends on MCA and one needs to stay updated on their website.

For level “O” Exam the Coaching faculty covers all aspects of the game, they teach grass root level skills to coaches which covers all the basic techniques about batting, bowling, fielding and in exam the coaching faculty asks the questions randomly based on the coach’s practical and theory knowledge, based on that one gets marks for theory and practicals.

Exam Simulation Example- They may ask any 1 question in batting, bowling and fielding each. Like for e.g: during exam in batting you maybe asked to explain sweep shot and practically you have to play that shot and explain how it should be played. Coach needs to cover all the important things which are required to play sweep shot. In bowling for example you may be asked how to bowl a googly, so you have to practically bowl a googly and tell how it should be bowled! And coach has to tell 2-3 points which is required to bowl googly.

Note: Above are only examples-Questions and techniques of conducting in exams may vary.


Author-Sumeet Khanna (MCA Level O Coach)


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