Indian Oil Corporation holds an interactive Sports Conference for their players on 26th September, 2019

Not many know that Indian Oil which is the largest commercial oil companies in the country also have their separate sports culture running across the country. The Indian Oil’s Sports Department employs players from different fields of sports with an aim to groom, nurture and support the sportsmen of our country. Indian Oil has been promoting sports since 3 decades recognizing sports as a holistic tool for development. Over the years, the company has employed over 100 sportspersons from ten different sports providing them with employment and sports scholarships where athletes are supported from its grassroots.

Senior Officials of Indian Oil with the players
Senior Officials of Indian Oil with their players


On 26th of September at BKC, Indian Oil conducted an interactive sports conference for the Indian Oil Players to interact with the media. The event was attended by the senior most officials of Indian Oil while Ajinkya Rahane (Indian Vice Captain in Tests), Dronavali Harika (India Chess) and Dhvaj Haria (India Snooker) who all are employed by Indian Oil were there to have conversation with the sports media.


Indian Oil Players Dronavali Harika, Ajinkya Rahane, Dhvaj Haria


The Senior Officials of Indian Oil were happy to witness the warm response given by the media fraternity as they said that they will be increasing the number of media interactions with their sports stars in the coming time.

Ajinkya Rahane answering Cricketgraph


Our CG team was also fortunate to ask Ajinkya Rahane on one change he would suggest in Mumbai Cricket and Ajinkya answered “If you talk about one change, I would definitely suggest that there should be more Times Shield Matches, because back then for us, Times Shield had all big players participating in the game and this format teaches you a lot of things whether it’s patience or technique and tournaments like these are indeed important for young Cricketers”

Indian Oil Senior Officials with Dronavali Harika


We also asked him whether there should be a separate Players Representative Committee in MCA and Ajinkya gracefully dodged the question stating it’s completely an MCA’s call and they would be the best to answer! Apart from that we also interacted with Indian Oil’s Chief Manager Amit Dani (Former Ranji Trophy Player) who also agreed that a Player’s Representative Committee would help a lot of players as there are so many player greviances which can be addressed.


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