JFSC Ground revamped in an All-New Avatar | Mumbai

Jolly friends Sports Club popularly known as JFSC established in 2013 – was co-founded by Mr. Shiva Konar and a group of friends. JFSC has been organizing cricket tournaments at grassroot levels and sports related events for the past 8 years, since the past couple of years JFSC has spread its operations in the Elite amateur circle. With every passing year JSFC has grown with a stronger determination to serve the cricket industry better. Jfsc has also started its cricket and football academy with more than 200 students.

To everyone’s delight, the Fatima High School Ground where JFSC operates and conducts most its matches, cricket practice and other sporting activities has been completely revamped to ensure a world class experience for all the players and students associated with JFSC.

Now the ground has been renovated & complete revamped. JFSC Ground (Fatima High School Ground) is now equipped with stadium like sports seats, renovated washrooms, LED Score boards, cafeteria, commentary and technical box, hall of fame for bowlers and batters, indoor nets with bowling machines, full size turf for football and fitness, relayed wickets (pitch) and flood lights to play Day- Night Matches. These newly added features and facilities to the ground are bound to provide cricketers and cricket lovers an International Standard experience and every match played on this revamped ground would end up becoming a memorable one.

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JFSC Cricket Academy


  1. a) JFSC premier School Dads Tournament – 16 Teams
  2. b) The Super League 2021-22
  3. c) The classic Championship -16 teams
  4. d) The elite Championship – 16 teams
  5. E) The corporate league
  6. F) The Mumbai Academy Championship


JFSC Sports Ground in Mumbai

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