“Maali ko do Taali”- Crowd Funding Initiative to help the groundsmen & Maalis

There are numerous groundsmen across India whose only source of Income is by cleaning and maintaining the wickets to ensure the cricketers can play at their best. Their contribution to the outcome of the matches as well as to a player’s career have been the most unnoticeable aspects of the game. Especially on public grounds like Azad Maidan, Matunga Gymkhana, Cross Maidan where Maalis require our help.

To host a game of any level from local, Club to International level, groundsmen toil hard for hours under the sun and rain. They surpass challenging conditions to help us play at our full potential.

They prepare and maintain the playable wickets where the ball speeds away, turns and the pitches which shape the destiny of players as well as the teams. Yet their hard work is not always noticed under the spotlight and their incentive remains to be the occasional praises or appreciation from the cricketers. Their community despite being such crucial contributors in this game of cricket seems to be far away from the glamorous planet which Indian Cricket has become. Usually, a groundsman employed by a Cricket Association or BCCI has a somewhat decent level of security compared to the ones who work at public maidans.

Amidst this time, it’s them who have suffered the biggest hit, with Cricket matches delayed, cancelled or rescheduled for the next few months. The groundsmen/maalis of the public maidans will be facing tough times to run their livelihood. What’s more, many of them are sole earners of the family whose income depends on the matches being played on a daily basis. With no cricket games to be played, the fate of their income also seems to be in dilemma for the coming months.

In an initiative to help these people in whatever capacity we can, we at Cricketgraph have come up with an initiative called “MAALI KO DO TAALI” where any person or any level of cricketer can make a contribution whose proceeds will go towards the relief of Groundsman & all the other aspects of cricket where the money can be of help.

Link to participate in the initiative-

Maali Ko Do Taali Campaign to raise funds for Cricket Groundsmen & Maali


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