Maharashtra Adcvoates Premier League ends on a High, Sidhudurg Sailors Clinch maiden Title!

This year was the first year of ( MAPL ) MAHARASHTRA ADVOCATES PREMIER LEAGUE PUNE 2022 , which concept came from initiative taken by 2 Advocates from Pune Adv Jayraj Gaud and Adv Pawan Kulkarni supported by the Pune Advocates Bar Association. It was decided the tournament would conducted between 8 Teams and message was circulated for interested 8 owners within Maharashtra Advocates  Circle .

Eight Advocates  came forward to own 8 Teams :

1. Adv Sanjeev Kadam and Adv Uday Warunjikar ( team Sindhudurg Sailor ) 

2. Adv Abhishek Yende ( Team Torna Tigers ) 

3. Adv Vikrant Phatate and Adv Prashant Kamble ( team RAIGAD ROYALS) 

4. Adv Shailesh Naik ( Team SHIVNERI LOINS) 

5. Adv Ravi Hirani ( Team DEVGIRI EMPERORS)

6. Adv Vivekanand Jagdale ( Team Panhala Panthers ) 



Team names were given via pick up of chits .

List of 16 good players were chosen  based on what level cricket  they have played and their scores in last few years . Each owner picked up one  icon player from this list. Subsequently a link was circulated withing Advocates cricket fraternity to register themselves fr auction and about 250 Advocates registered themselves .

All these players were divided into 3* to 7* category again based on performance 7 being best.  Auction was held which could be viewed on YouTube.. Proper transparent Auctions were held as per IPL norms . Each team owner & icon could participate in the auction. Each team was given 1 lac points within which he had to purchase his squad of 20 players .  Once the squads were picked in auction the tournament was held in Pune on 2 beautiful grounds 1 Hajare sports club , Moshi  2. Silver Sports club  where in boundaries at any side were about 60 to 65  yards.

The teams were divided in 2 ground of 4 each and each team  played 3 league matches within its group ..For SEMIFINALS  two tops teams of each group qualified from which our team Sindhudurg Sailors led by Adv Ninad Muzumdar and owned by Adv Sanjeev Kadam and Adv Uday Warunjikar was one of the teams to qualify. 

The 4 teams qualifying for SF were SF1.


2) Torna tigers V Sinhgad SUPREMOS


Finals was played between Sindhudurg Sailors and unbeaten team of Torna Tigers ..

Sindhudurg Sailors batted first on winning the toss  and scored 180 runs with Santosh Kashid being highest scorer smashing of 70 and quick fire 7 ball 24 from Imrose Khan. 

Torna tigers started briskly scoring 59 runs in 6 overs but were pulled back by economic spells from Adv Ashwath Nair and Adv Janardhan Dhalaphe, and finally managed to fall short by 9 runs on basis of a fighting half century by  their captain Ajay Shitole.  The ex. Factor of this tournament was players who had not even met earlier played together in one team and players from all over Maharashtra even interiors of Maharashtra participated.

Man of the Match & Series Santosh Kahid
Man of the Match & Series Santosh Kahid
Torna Tigers - Runners Up
Torna Tigers – Runners Up

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