Manveer Jain’s 4wkt Haul leads Shivseva to a win in ASHWA U-12 Tournament’22

In the match between Pro Talent and Shivseva of the Ashwa Sports U-12 Tournament held at Gokhale, Mumbai, wherein the former won the toss and elected to bat first and were disappointed by their call as their opposition restricted them to score only 105 runs at the loss of all wickets in 19 overs where Aryan Desai contributed 24 runs and Manveer Jain of Shivsena displayed his quality bowling skills as he made a 4 wicket haul in 2 overs giving only 9 runs and leading his team to gain victory over the Protalent! Also, Shivseva won the match in only 12 overs without the loss of a single wicket as the openers Satyanarayan Gughe and Saif Ali made 55 and 48 runs respectively!

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