Mother’s Jewellery Mortgaged to buy Bats, Sakibul Gani repays it with a Triple Hundred on Ranji Debut!

A Triple Hundred on a Ranji Debut ! Looks like a fairy tale beginning to a cricket career, isn’it it? But in most of the cases there lyes an underlying success story of hardwork and struggles before one attains that fairytale moment!

“Where there is no struggle, there’s no chance of success.” Sakibul Gani, a boy from Motihari district of Bihar, son of a farmer whose family was fighting with economic issues climbs up his way all throughout to the Bihar Ranji Team where he scored a triple century against Mizoram! The game of cricket employs bats which have price range between Rs 30,000 to 35,000 and his family like other middle class families was unable to afford it, but as they say “when the family is supportive, there’s not much that a person cannot do “ and so was the case with Gani as his mother always used to mortgage her jewellery to ensure Sakibul’s requirements are fullfilled & money does not ever come in between her son’s dreams!

Sakibul Gani
Sakibul Gani

There were times when his father also had to mortgage their fields in order to provide their son with the best cricketing facilities! The place and the conditions they were living in was not adequate for Sakibul to practice and reach higher levels of the game and so they decided to send him to Delhi. However, that plan was also dropped due to financial crisis. However, a turf pitch was made near the house so as to let the young lad practice more effectively!

Sakibul did not have any proper coaching facilities, but was guided at every stage of his life by his elder brother Faisal Gani who also plays division level cricket. Faisal helped his younger brother to learn more of the skills and techniques! Sakibul Gani dedicated all his success to his elder brother who guided him and assisted when required. Gani after being a part of Bihar Under-23, Mushtaq Ali (20-20) cricket tournament and Vijay Hazare (50-50) trophy and now finally Ranji Trophy where he caught the attention of the masses by scoring a triple century on Ranji Debut scoring 341 runs in his very 1st match & creating a world record! Sakibul now aims to play in the Indian Premier League tournament and also is the biggest fan of the Indian legend Virendr Sehwag!

Sakibul’s story is certainly an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and youngsters to follow their dreams. Here’s wishing Sakibul all the luck for a great cricketing career ahead

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