Mumbai witnesses Abdul Riyaz do a double too with a swashbuckling ton and a fifer


In another breathtaking performance of the day, it was the Mumbai leg which witnessed Abdul Riyaz of Ajuman-I-Islam Urdu High School, Fort smash an unbeaten hundred off 40 balls and follow it up with a five-wicket haul to star in his team’s massive win of 412 runs over Next School, Mulund.

Riyaz’s swashbuckling 100 towards the end helped Ajuman amass a huge total of 459/3 in 39 overs after Krishna Singh had set the platform by scoring 132 runs in the Boys Under-14 match at Oval Maidan in Mumbai.

Left with an improbable task to chase 460 inside 40 overs, Next School batsmen made jittery start and could never recover to get bowled out for mere 44 runs in 13.3 overs. Riyaz, who finished unbeaten, took the ball later to snear five wickets and take his team to victory with ease.

Dhirubhai Ambani International School’s Amartya Raje on the other hand, took six wickets in the U-16 match against Abhinav Vidyamandir Borival at Azad Maidan, helping his team clinch the match by two wickets.

In the same category, all-rounder Sahil Jadhav of Don Bosco High School, Matunga scored a stylish half century off 45 balls and picked up four crucial wickets as Bosco thrashed Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School by five wickets.

Meanwhile, in the Girls U-16 match at the Shivaji Park Gymkhana, Bhoomi Verma of Lokpuram Publich School, Thane grabbed four wickets to lead her team to emphatic ten-wicket victory against  St. Aloysius High School (Nallasopara).

Brief Scores:

Mumbai:U-16 Boys:

Parsee Cyclist, Azad Maidan

Dhirubhai Ambani Int’l School 63/8 in 18.2 overs (Abhiviraj Goel 16, Rhiaan Shah 12) beat Abhinav Vidyamandir (Borivali) 62/10 in 22.5 overs, by 2 wickets.

Player of the Match: Amartya Raje of Dhirubhai Ambani Int’l School for taking 6 wickets.

Young Zorastrain, Azad Maidan

Don Bosco High School (Matunga) 172/5 in 28.3 overs (Sahil Jadhav 50*, Naman Jhawar 34) beat Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School 170/10 in 29.2 overs, by 5 wickets.

Player of the Match: Sahil Jadhav of Don Bosco High School (Matunga) for scoring 50 runs off 45 balls and taking 4 wickets.

Navroz, Azad Maidan

VPMS Vidyamandir (Dahisar) 204/9 in 31 overs (Ankit Yadav 39, Dhaval Gandhi 34) beat RN Podar International School CBSE (Santacruz) 55/10 20.2 overs, by 149 runs.

Player of the Match: Aditya Chaurasia of VPMS Vidyamandir (Dahisar) for taking 5 wickets.

Times of India, Azad Maidan

Swami Vivekanand International School (Borivali) 102/2 in 16.1 overs (Ishaan Roy 38*, Kushagra Kothari 22) beat Vasant Vihar High School 101/10 in 21.2 overs, by 8 wickets.

Player of the Match: Varad Vaze of Swami Vivekanand International School (Borivali) for bowling 1 maiden over and 3 wickets.

Elphinstone, Azad Maidan

IES Navi Mumbai High School (Vashi) 22/0 in 1.5 overs (Hrishikesh Chavan 11*, Akash Pawar 10*) beat DG International (Thane) 21/7 in 9 overs, by 10 wickets.

Player of the Match: Akash Pawar of IES Navi Mumbai High School (Vashi) for taking 4 wickets

New Era, Azad Maidan

Hiranandani Foundation School (Thane) 73/0 in 8.3 overs (Rishi Kumar 30*, Prerit Patil 21*) beat Victoria High School 69/10 in 32.4 overs, by 10 wickets.

Player of the Match: Arpit Desai of Hiranandani Foundation School (Thane) for taking 5 wickets and 2 maiden overs.

RTO, Azad Maidan

VK Krishna Menon Academy (Borivali) 328/9 in 40 overs (Shashvat Kapoor 101, Yash Sabnani 48) beat The National Kannada Education Society (Wadala) 31/10 in 11.5 overs, by 297 runs.

Player of the Match: Shashvat Kapoor of VK Krishna Menon Academy (Borivali) for scoring 101 runs off 53 balls.

Sassanian, Azad Maidan

Rizvi Springfield High School (Khar) gets a walkover 

[Vishwajyot High School (Kharghar)]

Boys U-14:

Directorate of Industries, Oval

Anjuman-I-Islam Urdu High School (Fort) 459/3 in 39 overs (Krishna Singh 132, Abdul Riyaz 100*) beat Next School (Mulund) 44/10 in 13.3 overs, by 412 runs.

Player of the Match: Abdul Riyaz of Anjuman-I-Islam Urdu High School (Fort) for scoring 100 runs off 40 balls (not out) and taking 5 wickets.

Elphinstone, Oval

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vidyalaya (Kanjurmarg) 86/1 in 13.1 overs (Swayam Mohite 40*, Ayush Pednekar 26*) beat Pawar Public School (Bhandup) 83/10 in 26.2 overs, by 9 wickets.

Player of the Match: Swayam Mohite of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vidyalaya (Kanjurmarg) for scoring 40 off 37 balls (not out) and taking 1 wicket.

Govt Law, Oval

IES School (Bhandup) 94/5 in 19.5 overs (Pranav Kocharekar 40*, Soham Ghadi 24) beat Ryan International School (Nallasopara) 93/10 in 20 overs, by 5 wickets.

Player of the Match: Soham Ghadi for taking 7 wickets and scoring 24 runs off 14 balls.

High Court, Oval

Ryan International (Nerul) 224/10 in 38.2 overs (Divyanshu Budey 104, Pranav Junare 26) beat Little Angels High School (Sion) 164/10 in 29.4 overs, by 60 runs.

Player of the Match: Divyanshu Dubey of Ryan International (Nerul) for scoring 104 runs off 108 balls and taking 3 wickets.

Sydenham, Oval

All Saints High School (Bhiwandi) 255/9 in 40 overs (Krish Pardhi 94, Amog Patil 40) beat Vibgyor Roots & Rise (Malad) 203/10 in 35.4 overs, by 52 runs.

Player of the Match: Krish Pardhi of All Saints High School (Bhiwandi) for scoring 94 runs off 91 balls.

Karnatak, Cross Maidan

National English School (Virar) 283/6 in 39 overs (Karol Dbritto 70, Bhavesh Chauhaan 66) beat Sister Nivedita Eng. Med. School (Dombivali) 94/10 in 26.2 overs, by 189 runs.

Player of the Match: Aditya Parulekar of National English School (Virar) for taking 4 wickets and scoring 33 runs off 36 balls.

Girls U-16:

Shivaji Park Gymkhana Match No. 1

SM Shetty High School (Powai) 164/4 in 18.1 overs (Astha Shetty 80*, Diya Thakkar 16) beat St. Joseph’s Convent High School (Bandra) 162/6 in 25 overs, by 6 wickets.

Player of the Match: Astha Shetty of SM Shetty High School (Powai) for scoring 80 runs off 67 balls (not out) and taking 2 wickets.

Shivaji Park Gymkhana Match No. 2

Lokpuram Public School (Thane) 18/0 in 1 over (Swarali Thakur 7*, Urmila Biswal 4*) beat St. Aloysius High School (Nallasopara) 17/10 in 9.5 overs, by 10 wickets.

Player of the Match: Bhoomi Verma of Lokpuram Public School (Thane) for taking 4 wickets in 1.5 overs.


Boys U-16:


Centre Point School (Katol Road) 394/8 in 40 overs (Devansh Mishra 116, Prabhviraj Lamba 89) beat Podar World School 89/10 in 15.3 overs, by 305 runs.

Player of the Match: Devansh Mishra of Centre Point School (Katol Road) for scoring 116 runs and taking 8 wickets.

Gurunanak Ground

Podar International 256/8 in 40 overs (Palash Kanoje 68, Atharva Babhulgaokar 43) beat Centre Point School 72/10 in 20.4 overs, by 185 runs.

Player of the Match: Palash Kanoje of Podar International for scoring 68 off 67 balls.


MS Dhoni Ground

MKH Sancheti Public School gets a walkover

[New Apostolic English School]

WCL Ground

Match awarded to Swaminarayan School 

[Prerna Public School]

Boys U-14:

Kurveys Cricket Ground

Centre Point School (Dabha) 39/1 in 4.1 overs (Rajvansh Agrawal 19*, Amol Shiralkar 16) beat Prerna Public School 37/10 in 18.3 overs, by 9 wickets.

Player of the Match: Kartik Agrawal of Centre Point School (Dabha) for taking 5 wickets.

MSEB Ground

Centre Point School (Katol Road) 53/0 in 5.4 overs (Rajveer jolly 23*, Devansh Thakkar 22*) beat Delhi Public School (Lava) 51/10 in 20.1 overs, by 10 wickets.

Player of the Match: Shamit Bundela of Centre Point School (Katol Road) for taking 5 wickets.

Taywade Ground

Gaikwad Patil International School 134/4 in 35.3 overs (Jai Jaiswal 30*, Manipreet Reddy 26) beat Centre Point School 132/10 in 32.5 overs, by 6 wickets

Player of the Match: Jai Chaudhary of Gaikwad Patil International School for taking 3 wickets and 1 maiden over.


St. Francis De Sale School 142/9 in 33 overs (Guru Parteki 32, Aditya Soni 20) beat Team Apostolic English High School 100/10 in 21.5 overs, by 42 runs.

Player of the Match: Abhijeet Bharade of St. Francis De Sale School for taking 6 wickets

Girls U-16:

Nelco Cricket Ground

St. Joseph’s Convent School 52/1 in 3.4 overs (Riya Baniya 14, Andriya D 4*) beat Somalwar School 50/10 in 11.5 overs, by 9 wickets.

Player of the Match: Riya Baniya of St. Joseph’s Convent School for taking 5 wickets.

Nelco Cricket Ground

The South Public School 560/1 in 17 overs (Sharayu Shenore 101*, Bhargavi Bhosle 75*) beat SS International 63/10 in 19.5 overs, by 497 runs.

Player of the Match: Sharayu Shendre of The South Public School for scoring 101 runs off 87 balls (not-out)

Amartya Raje-Mumbai indians Junior
Amartya Raje
Pic Courtesy-Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians Junior
Mumbai Indians Junior

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