Onephysio Rehab Center in Bandra- A blessing for sportspersons & athletes!

Mumbai is one city where you will see many promising cricketers impressing one and all with their skills. You will also come across many outstanding talents in cricket who could not make it to higher levels only because of injuries and not getting the right treatment alongwith a proper rehab. A good facility for a Sports physiotherapy in Mumbai can make a world of a difference for aspiring cricketers & sportspersons.

Shahid Shaikh - Mumbai Police Gymkhana Team
Shahid Shaikh – Mumbai Police Gymkhana Team


Hence, the brainchild behind Onephysio – Shahid Shaikh decided to develop Sports physiotherapy center in Mumbai which is a world class rehab center in the heart of Mumbai. Shahid Shaikh who plays top division cricket representing Mumbai Police Gymkhana has also represented Mumbai team in Mushtaq Ali Trophy. As a professional cricketer who has seen cricket closely, he knows how many talents got wasted due to injuries and hence came Onephysio rehab center which seems to break that barrier.

Situated in the heart of Mumbai at Bandra, Onephysio Rehab Center is  made with an intention to treat professional athletes, sportspersons and general people in ortho, neuro and sports rehab facilities. Various types of pains and injuries like Spondylitis (neck pain, lower back pain), Adhesive capuslities (frozen shoulder), knee pain, sprain, strain and various other injuries are treated at this facility. Onephysio also specializes in Sports Injury Rehab, Post Covid Rehab, Diet and Sports Nutrition among other services.

Dr Aijaz Ashai
Dr Aijaz Ashai


Dr. Aijaz Ashai who was the Head Physio with Mumbai Cricket Association (2000, 2007-2008-2009, IPL Mumbai Indians 2007. (B.P.T (Cal) IAP (MEM) Specialist in Knee, Shoulder and Back Pain (USA) who leads the Onephysio Rehab Center shared

“Bandra is an ideal location for people to save travel time. To get these treatments, earlier one would need to travel all the way to town, now people don’t need to travel all the way to town to seek such facilities. Even looking at the number of people who run daily on carter road, now they can immediately come to Onephysio if anyone encounters any pain or injuries.

We have a great team of physios, hi tech facilities and emphasis have been given on top level hygiene amidst this pandemic. The checkup & evaluation is also free of cost for people below the poverty line. We have also made it free for senior citizens once a week. We want to ensure that no one ever complains that we were not able to recieve the right facilities, the right treatment at right prices. We want that everyone deserves the right treatment and no one should be left untreated”


Address: 501, Guruvidya CHS Ltd, above Vodafone Gallery,
Opp Bandra Police Stn, Bandra West. 022 26437621 ,7045605846.


indian wheel chair basketball captain Geeta Chauhan
Indian Wheelchair Basketball Captain Geeta Chauhan at Onephysio Rehab Center, Bandra


Onephysio Rehab Center opening done by Vinod Kambli & Sarfaraz Khan
Onephysio Rehab Center opening done by Vinod Kambli & Sarfaraz Khan


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