Passion for Cricket & business, the 2 main reasons for us to invest | Kranti Shanbhag owner of one of the T20 Mumbai team

Kranti Shanbhag has business experience of over two decades in various domains like Real Estate, Movies, Investments, Construction, banking and Cricket. Yes, you read it right. Cricket is one of the interest areas of Kranti and one which is very close to his heart. He has been active cricketer since his childhood days and even now he continues to play cricket.

Due to his undying passion in cricket, he along with few other partners decided to invest & buy one of the cricket teams of T20 Mumbai, Andheri Arcs.

We (the partners of Arcs Andheri) love cricket, so this was a natural decision to invest in one of the teams of the T20 Mumbai. Apart from the love for cricket, we are business people, and see this as a fantastic networking & business opportunity. Last year I was the co-owner of Sobo Supersonics however now I am completely with Andheri Arcs. The main force  of Arcs Andheri is Dr. PV Shetty, who is the main owner & driving the team right from its inceptionquipped Kranti.

Arcs Andheri T20 Mumbai team owners
Dr. PV Shetty in the centre alongside Kranti Shanbhag

Kranti Shanbhag seems to be a hands-on person with cricket since he is quite active & opiniated about the players, auction & other aspects of Andheri Arcs.

We were very keen to have Parag Khanapurkar in our team this year too however we lost him in the bidding process. This year we retained 2 players, Shubham Ranjane & pacer Tushar Deshpande. We have some new names this year who would could be promising like Iqball Abdulla (part of KKR team in IPL), speedster Vineet Sinha, Kevin Almeida, Gaurav Jathar. The franchise finished at the bottom last season of T20 Mumbai and to motivate our team, we have Sandeep Patil as the mentor to our team. Sandeep Patil is taking huge interest in in training & grooming, giving them tips & guiding them to perform their best. With this team & the support system, we are sure that we will be in finals“, asserted Kranti Shanbhag.

Kranti Shanbhag
Kranti Shanbhag

sandeep patil arcs andheri


Kranti feels that next season onwards T20 Mumbai, could be held before the IPL auctions, coz that way the talented and deserving cricketers from T20 Mumbai can be considered in the IPL auctions.


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