Personal Cricket Coaching at JFSC under Cricket Coach Gyan Singh & Shankar Sir

To succeed in Mumbai as a professional cricketer, a lot of things has to be in place when it comes to personal development as a cricketer. A right coach who understands your game, a right coach whom you can understand, a right academy with proper facilities, an academy which lets you thrive, an academy which gives you enough opportunities to perform in matches, an academy which ensures you get enough personal cricket coaching as well as group session.

There are multiple tickmarks one has to do to ensure he / she scales up in the field of cricket which has become a very competitive profession. The scenario in some parts of India is such where players either don’t get personal attention from the senior coaches or sometimes they don’t get enough practice or club level matches from the academy which eventually hampers the growth of a player.

In one such initiative, Jolly Friends Sports Club which is one of the best cricket academies in Ghatkopar, Vidyavihar has arranged a whole package for aspiring cricketers. This personal cricket coaching package essentially covers all important tickmarks a player requires from the cricketing ecosystem point of view. Led by Head Coach Shankar sir (20+ years of experience) & MCA Level 1 Head Coach Gyan Singh sir (30+ years of coaching experience) who has given domestic as well as international cricketers to India will be the mentors who will train students in this one year package.

From getting a minimum of 40 matches a year to 40 hours of personal coaching sessions, the player gets everything which can help him better his game. The players also receive many facilities like video analysis, monthly progress reports & 40 group sessions. The promising players from the personal cricket coaching batch will also be provided with better platform to scale higher levels.

Click on the link below to book Yearly Personal Cricket Coaching Session at Jolly Friends Sports Club:

Personal Cricket Coaching at Jolly Friends Sports Club under Coach Gyan Singh & Shankar Sir

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Jolly Friends Sports Club – One of the Best Cricket Academies in Ghatkopar, Vidyavihar


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