Shridhar Mandale- Former Ranji Player & Current Ranji Selector in a Candid Chat with Cricketgraph

When an experienced veteran of the game talks, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the stories. The experiences and lessons which they share directly or indirectly through such interviews become valued cricket archives in the years to come. One such interview is with Shridhar Mandle-the former Ranji Trophy player & current Ranji Trophy selector who comes from the era of Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Karsan Ghavri amongst others.

Shridhar Mandle takes us back to his entire cricketing journey as he discusses many interesting topics related to cricket with our Cricketgraph host Jalal Shaikh.

1:40 – How Cricket Journey kickstarted ?

14:11 – Taking us back to School Cricket days….

32:50 – Experience of playing with Club Dadar Union

35:50 – The famed rivalry between Dadar Union & Shivaji Park Clubs

39:58 – Most Memorable Ranji Trophy match…

42:36 – The toughest bowler to face….

48:30 – Sunil Gavaskar’s precious advice…

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