Slow Ball Dalna, Ab Mai Actor hu, Cricketer Nahi: Irrfan Khan

Life has its own sweet tales and legendary actor Irrfan Khan who passed away recently has certainly left behind quite a few tales about his inspiring journey.

Not many know that Irrfan Khan who has a career spanning over 3 decades in Global Cinema with more than 74 films wanted to become a cricketer. The Oscar Winning Actor was about to represent his state team in Ranji Trophy until he faced some financial hurdles in the U23 Age Group.

irrfan khan
Irrfan khan batting, it was during his nets session in 2014 at NCA, he requested the bowler “Slow ball dalna bhai, ab mai cricketer nahi, actor hu”

Irrfan was a promising all-rounder and probably the youngest too in his Jaipur side, he was also selected in the U23 Col CK Nayadu Trophy which is considered to be the first step towards getting a place in the First Class Team. However, he felt short of Rs 600 which was required at that time to travel from Jaipur to Ajmer to make it into the U23 side.

The lack of funds eventually led his cricket career to a premature end. His sister eventually arranged Rs 300/- and got him admitted to National School of Drama (acting and arts being his 2nd love).  The loss of Cricket World became a gain for Indian Cinema as he thrived as an actor across award winning films in his career spanning 30 years.

Irrfan Khan Cricket
Irrfan Khan Cricket

Excerpts from IrrfanI played cricket. I wanted to become a cricketer. I was an all-rounder and the youngest one in my team in Jaipur. I wanted to make a career out of it. I was selected for the CK Nayudu tournament I think and then I needed money and didn’t know who to ask. That day I decided I cannot pursue it. I couldn’t have asked for Rs 600 at that time,” Khan had revealed to Telegraph India, in an interview.

Irrfan eventually believed that Cricket has loads of expectations and the competition is intense while acting is an open sea which has no limits. “An artist can keep expressing through his work” the words of Irrfan which completely does justice to his skills.

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