Sportsnext India Collaborates with Cricketgraph for Video Highlights Coverage of their Sporting Events

In a yet another productive announcement from Cricketgraph which will benefit the grassroot sporting ecosystem, Sports Event Management firm Sportsnext India has decided to collaborate with Cricketgraph for a year long partnership on media coverage. Cricketgraph though its Cricketgraph App will provide video highlights to all the cricket matches and other sporting events of Sportsnext India.

Manish Tarkar
Manish Tarkar – Founder, Sportsnext India

For the uninitiated, SportsNext India is founded by a group of individuals who are strategist, communicational professionals, with wide-ranging experience in Sports Event Management, Public Relationships, Brand Alliance, Sponsorship, Digital Marketing. People at Sportsnext are a bunch of sports-oriented individuals, who believe that love for sport is eternal and transcends across mortal factors like age, sex, socio-economic status and time.

Sportsnext India

Sportsnext specializes in planning sporting events for corporate as well as for Individuals which inculcates & promotes fitness, team building, team management and stress buster. Sportsnext has been organizing many events since 2019 for corporate, schools, communities and even more on individual basis.

Sportsnext aims at offering multiples services under one  roof ranging from venue booking, sports camps, Sports Event Management, International tour and camps, sports academy, sports consultancy, Sports brand alliance, Sports sponsorships as well as Sporting goods on retail basis.


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