Suprotip Chatterjee: Founder & Head Coach of Kolkata Green Grass Cricket Academy

Kolkata like Mumbai and Delhi is known for its competitive levels of cricket. Over the years, Kolkata has produced some great domestic and international cricketers and the reason behind that coveted success has been the cricketing atmosphere. When we talk about cricket atmosphere, we mean the academies, the coaches, the facilities for players and one such academy which seems to tick all the marks is Kolkata Green Grass Cricket Academy in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Kolkata Green Grass Center has 3 branches in Kolkata namely the Ruby branch, Kalikapur branch and Dehala Branch. Kolkata Green Grass Cricket Center is one of the best cricket academies in Kolkata and boasts of all the facilities required for quality coaching. The academy is run by their Head Coach Suprotip Chatterjee who is also the founder of the academy. Suprotip has a coaching experience of close to 2 decades while he is himself a former first class cricketer. Head Coach Suprotip is BCCI level Certified Coach and he is qualified to apply for Level B Certification which very few coaches have achieved in West Bengal region. Apart from Suprotip, the academy has 8-10 qualified cricket coaches to ensure best practice sessions for students. The academy also has astro turf and practice wickets while it also provides personal coaching, corporate cricket coaching and team coaching.  Each branch of Kolkata Green Grass Cricket Center has 3 nets while it is open for both boys and girls from 3 to 19 years of age. The academy also has a special women’s coach to train the young girls and the Coach is level O Certified. The Women’s Coach of their academy is also a state level player who has played for Bengal.

Suprotip Chatterjee from Kolkata Green Grass Cricket Academy in Kolkata

When we asked on what kind of players practice at their academy, Head Coach Suprotip sharedWe don’t believe in taking names of our players. A lot of players from Kolkata Green Grass Center are playing state and district level cricket but I believe instead of coaches taking their name, it should be other way round. We believe that our students i.e our player will take the name of the coaches and their academies and that’s how it should work. We always aim to provide the best coaching facilities to our players and I wish to impart my experience and wisdom to our students alongwith our qualified coaching team”

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