Tarapur Vidyamandir wins the all important finals of DSO U17 Tournament’19

 The final of the DSO U-17 tournament, between TVM school and MBBI was played at pdtsa ground. TVM won the toss and elected to bat first. Due to overnight rain, the wicket was covered and the match started post the stipulated time late in the afternoon. The wicket was slightly sticky and offered the bowlers some purchase.

For TVM, ShivramYadav and Prateek Yadav opened the innings, both went all guns blazing and scored 34 and 45 respectively . The MBBI bowlers leaked 26 extras and that mounted the score to a total of 105 in 8 overs.

In the second innings of the game, the opening partnership of MBBI failed and opening batsman Soham was the lone fighter on the field. He took the bowlers to the cleaners and was eyeing a big win, he hit 4 consecutive sixes in a single over and the bowlers had no answers. In thelast ball of that over, on the cusp of taking a quick single, Soham was out of the screech even before the bowler moduled into his follow through and then, he was a prey to mankading. The tvm team took a controversial but legitimate option to appeal for the out without any warning and Soham was adjourned out. The decision was subject to a fair amount of scrutiny but courtesy the Mankad wicket, in the end TVM registered a healthy win over MBBI.The win marked the qualification of TVM school into the zonals.On the other hand the losing team scored 92 runs for 5 wickets and Soham scored a quick 44.

Lefty Shivram Yadav of TVM was awarded the Man of the match. He scored a handsome 45 runs and also bowled a tight couple of overs.

Result- Tarapur Vidyamandir school won by 14 runs.

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