Vihang Sarnaik-MCA Apex Committee Member comes to the rescue of Maalis of Cricket Maidans in Mumbai

The current pandemic situation has affected one and all, and one of the most affected sectors within the cricket community are the Maalis / Groundsman of Mumbai cricket.

These difficult times have brought various human dimensions / emotions in play, some of them have become reclusive, others are going with the flow and there are those who have decided to take it upon themselves and selflessly help out others in need.

One such humanitarian & leadership act was recently demonstrated by Vihang Sarnaik, who decided to help the maalis & groundsman of Mumbai. Vihang is an active politician and an apex member of the Mumbai Cricket Association and he used this strength to bring about a positive change in the cricket community.

Vihang pulled out the entire list of official maalis from MCA within Mumbai & distributed one months ration / essentials.

A short while back cricketgraph had initiated a campaign for groundsmen called as “Maali ko do Taali” which received tremendous support from within & beyond Mumbai.

Speaking with Cricketgraph, Vihang shared  “I tried my best to support our Maalis and groundsmen who take care of all the maidans in Mumbai. With food items including rice, wheat, cooking oil, dal, salt, sugar, tea etc sustainable for a month. This is a small effort I felt I should make as a cricket lover and i hope it brings some relief to these individuals & their families. If you come across any such needy who needs help or guidance please remember i am just a call away”

Vihang so far has ensured assistance to atleast 65 maalis whom he has distributed personally across all regions of Mumbai and MMR while he states that as and when numbers increase, shall provide more in those regions whoever is in need.

The 1 month Grocery Kit which each Maali received:

  • 2kg oil
  • Chai 1/2 kg
  • Sugar – 2kg
  • Aata – 3kg
  • Rice – 3kg
  • Tur daal – 2kg
  • Salt – 1kg

Some Snaps from his visit to the maidans-

Maali ko do taali Campagn







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