Wasim Jaffer in a Candid Chat with Cricketgraph powered by Nutrezy

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When you are humble with a clean heart, you tend to be very clear and honest with your thoughts & approach. There is some level of purity in every word you speak and interview with Wasim Jaffer was probably one of those honest interviews we have had in the recent times.

Without mincing any words, Wasim Jaffer spoke about so many insightful things right from his opinion & feedback for Mumbai Cricket, the tournaments of Mumbai Cricket, his opinion on the current generation of coaches, the underage issue, the over emphasis on fitness amongst today’s young athletes to his coaching stint with Bangladesh U19 Team to the players he found impressive from the Vidarbha setup where he conquered the final frontier i.e his last Ranji Trophy Title in 2019 before retiring in all forms of the game in March, 2020.

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