Winz Cricketgraph Academy: Cricketgraph’s First Academy Partnership

The Winz Cricketgraph Academy in Borivali has officially partnered up with Cricketgraph and is now rebranded as the Winz Cricketgraph Academy. This team up is the first one under the Cricketgraph Academy Partnership Program which aids existing cricket academies reach new heights. 

Winz Cricketgraph Academy is located in Borivali with Vikrant Gupta as the Head Coach. Coach Gupta is a highly qualified coach with numerous years of experience as a player and a coach. The MCA Level 0 and ICC Level 1 coach has had an exceptional cricketing career competing in the cutthroat Mumbai circuit. With age as well as experience on his side, he can provide the player with key insights and modern cricketing ways as the game has involved with time. Gupta has also worked with numerous international cricketers such as Joe Root and Jos Buttler. Be rest assured, with Coach Vikrant Gupta’s expertise, the player is bound to excel. 

Winz Cricketgraph Academy Head Coach Vikrant Gupta

This is an exciting opportunity for emerging as well as established cricketers. Winz Cricketgraph Academy provides them a lovely platform who wish to make cricket as their livelihood. With Lovely facilities to practice, opportunities to compete in club cricket and media support from Cricketgraph, the player has better chances to excel .… What else is required !?

Vikrant Gupta
Head Coach: Winz Cricketgraph Academy

Post the merger, Winz Cricketgraph Academy has grown substantially. With Cricketgraph’s massive outreach on social media, WCGA has is well received as new players are admitted on almost a daily basis. Match highlights, performances and reels are also shared providing visibility for the players and the  academy. With a monthly reach of 1.5 million on Instgram and over 1 million on Youtube, Cricketgraph aims to introduce new faces to the mass; The website getting over 200k hits as well. 

Apart from the formidable media coverage, Cricketgraph intends to provide more matches for their academy to compete in, providing players opportunities. With a hold of few MCA Clubs in the circuit, cricketers from the WCGA have the chance to represent an MCA club in MCA affiliated or organized tournaments. 

The Winz Cricketgraph Academy in Borivali is the first academy to team up with Cricketgraph in the program. With the aim to push and serve grassroot cricketers, Cricketgraph plans on teaming up with more academies to amplify opportunities for budding cricketers. 

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