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It all began with a small thought. The thought came to mind after a small observation. The thought then got transformed into a small practical step taken. This step marked the beginning of what might be a stepping stone . This stepping stone could take them to new heights in the coming times.
It all happened for Achievers Cricket Academy Mr. Subramanian D. ( Mumbai Ranji Trophy player and MCA level 1 coach). While observing that there are MCA Camps for Under 14,16 and 19 category but nothing for Under 12.
Some may argue Under 12?  Speaking to Mr. Subramanian who said there is abudant talent in this category and what impressed him was the technique and disclipline they possess. Not only that at the early age of 12 one gets that important chance of teaching and moulding these kids to the coaches and mentors liking.
In order to guage the talent of these kids, he has gone ahead to organise the 1st ever Achievers Cricket Academy U 12 cricket tournament which began on April 20th at chedda Nagar, Chembur with 6 teams participating. The finals slated to be on April 26th.
Participating are Achievers Academy Red, Pravin Tambe’s Academy Mulund,  Avinash Salvi Foundation Vashi, Achievers academy Blue, BARC Chembur, D Y Patil Nerul.

Who ever wins the trophy on April 26th, its Achievers academy that certainly has won hearts of many cricket lovers.
While those young kids are blessed for being a part of the 1st ever tournament,  i am sure the academy will certainly raise the bar in the coming times and make it big.
Wishing Mr. Subramanian and his team all the very best, due credit for him to make it happen.

Achievers Cricket Academy U 12 cricket tournament pics

Achievers Cricket Academy U 12 cricket tournament teams

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