Akash Anand winner of Cricketer with Attiitude award for scoring 277 runs

 Attiitude is an international apparel brand, based out of London, United Kingdom with presence in  India. The brand is for all those who are not afraid to wear their rebellious streak on sleeve. Attiitude could have not found a better brand ambassador than Chris Gayle, who is one of the most destructive batsmen in international cricket, to be the face of the brand. In collaboration with Cricketgraph.com, Attiitude has launched awards for the best batsman, best bowler, and best fielder. 

Akash Anand is a wicketkeeper bat who went on to score one of the highest individual scores in times shield in 2017, wherein he scored a mammoth 277 of 379 balls. Batting for Mumbai port trust, Akash’s innings were laced with 171 runs ONLY through running between the wickets. 

Mumbai Port Trust won the match on 1st innings and it was definitely Akash’s 277 which stood out in the match. The amount of patience, resilience and consistency at which Akash played was simply impressive and this is not the 1st time he has impressed the cricketing community as a genuine wicket keeper batsman with such classy knocks.

Attiitude will be back next week with a new winner, till then Cricketgraph and Attiitude signs off.

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