Jitendra Deshmukh and his unprecedented love for Cricket


When you talk about Jitendra Deshmukh, you wonder is it blood or cricket that is running through his body.  From being a player to an umpire to a coach to a tournament organizer, Deshmukh has come a long way. This shows that Jitendra’s cricketing cap has not just one but multiple feathers. Currently he is in the MCA Umpire Panel and a pivotal part of JD Sports. Under the aegis of JD Sports, Jitendra organized a corporate level cricket tournament JD Sports Club Corporate Level T20 Cricket Tournament Mumbai. The tournament was played in January 2016 and was a grand success. Corporate giants like Lupin Pharma and ICICI Bank were also a part of the tournament.

When he was player, he played Kanga League and was the captain of Young Zorastrian team. Jitendra has also cleared coaching exams last June and acts as a full-fledged coach today. He has also started two academies at Kamothe, Mumbai from 1st Jan 2016. This is not done yet. He started umpiring from 1990 and it is over 20 years he has been standing as an umpire for various cricket matches.

The coming June seems to be a big event, as there is a London tour coming up for the young and budding cricketers. The tour is organized in the name of Youth Star Cricket Club. A fees of Rs.1,60,000 includes playing eight matches, accommodation, air fare, food, transportation , certificates and the best player contract in London. Many cricketers are eyeing this opportunity. Foreign exposure to the upcoming talent is a great boost to the game.

Jitendra Deshmukh has experienced and lived different facets of cricket and is undoubtedly a genuine ‘All-Rounder’.

Jitendra Deshmukh's JD Sports Club's logo

Jitendra Deshmukh’s JD Sports Club’s logo



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