SD Mind Body Cricket Talk – Batting stance for upper body.


The mind body coordination in batting stance for the upper body, the head & shoulder suggests, the readiness/ the confidence of mind in dealing /facing the bowling challenge.

As we are aware that a confident man ready to face present situation doesn’t have dropping shoulder or dropping head , similarly a batsman who’s mind  is ready/ keen to face the challenge of bowling has upper body approach that wants to stay on top of things.

The batsmen with upright upper body & head , shoulders usually likes to stay on top of things which may make his batting more to the front of wickets and batsmen with little crouched/cramped upper body , dropping head & shoulder may be more inclined to play on square sides of the wickets .

A steady head reflects confidence, inner peace , self belief &  better breath control, making it easy to face bowling and stand up to the challenge providing greater ease & freedom in arms swing to play strokes in desired directions at correct bat speed.

The steady head & correct upper body also facilitates better hand –eye coordination for elegant stroke play. Unsteady head reflects the doubts/ the reluctance to face the bowling challenge, making it hap hazard in stroke selection & struggle to get proper timing on the ball.

It is highly advisable to clear and calm the mind best suitable for present situation before playing every ball to make upper body , head & shoulder to move smoothly and consistently for effective stroke play.

Sandeep Dahad

Sandeep Dahad

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