SD Mind Body Cricket Talk – The Back Foot Drives

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The Mind-Body Connection Of Back Foot Drives Shows The Watchful, Sensible, Defensive approach of mind towards getting the ball close to body at an appropriate height and position to deal and then score runs of that delivery.

Mind arrests its impulse, aggression for a Delevery pitched some what short and mind Co-ordinates with body to let the ball come close to body rather than going towards the ball like in front foot drives case, It lets the body get behind the line of ball watchfully and then maintaining body balance, play a scoring or appropriate stroke .

Practices for Batsman:

Batsmen who want to succed at 1 St Class levels and higher levels ought to have very good back foot drives, glances, flicks of quickish , slightly short deliveries from fast bowlers as well as any delivery bowled by spinners which pitches short of good length should be definitely converted in run scoring opportunity of back foot .


Sandeep Dahad

Sandeep Dahad


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