Specials: Delhi’s top 5 batting performances in October 2015

Saurabh Passi


In our endeavor to encourage the upcoming cricketers and provide one-stop digital platform for the game of cricket at local level, CricketGraph presents the top 5 performances with the bat for the month of October in Delhi. The performances are based on the matches covered/uploaded and written on www.cricketgraph.com

1. Rushal Saini’s 164 in Golden Cricket Cup

Vidya Jain Academy batsman Rushal Saini went berserk on RKB’s bowlers piling up 164 runs himself in an innings of 20 overs. Well, Chris Gayle’s record was surely in danger! He helped his team register an astounding 172 run victory over their rivals. (Full Report)

2. Saurabh Passi’s 153 in Sardari Lal Makkar Memorial

Classy Passi” would be an apt title for this player. Showing a wide array of strokes, this batsman tore apart the Pelican Club bowling line-up like anything and along with Karan Sharma (120) built a mountain to climb for the opponents which eventually they couldn’t. (Full Report)

3. Samarth Seth’s 150 in Radha Kishan Inter-School

This guy technically broke AB De Villiers’ record for the fastest 150, scoring in just 52 balls, that too in a T20 match. His innings boosted his team’s confidence to a level that the opponents could not match his score, let alone chasing the target. (Full Report)

Samarth Seth

Samarth Seth

4. Aakash Antil’s 146* in DU Inter College Tournament

Opening for one of the best teams in the tournament’s history adds a load of responsibility but Aakash Antil took it with both hands showing his good form in the recently concluded event. Partnering with Dinesh Mor (104), he carried his bat through the innings scoring 146* in 142 balls with 3 sixes and 11 hits to the fence. (Full Report, Scorecard)

5. Anshul Kumar’s 132 in Sardari Lal Makkar Memorial

Playing for Lala Ram Charan Club, Anshul Kumar compiled a brilliant knock helping his team score a formidable 304 runs in just 40 overs. His bowlers got the opposition out well before reaching the target and his century ended up in a winning cause. (Full Report)

Special Mentions: Himmat Singh (130), Rishab Pant (129), Sankalp Srivastava (122)

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Compiled by: Manoj Sonavane

Written by: Sumanyu Jain (Editor @CricketGraph)

Himmat Singh

Himmat Singh

Rishab Pant

Rishab Pant


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