Umpire Nawdeep Mishra – 15 Years and 450+ matches of umpiring

The game of cricket is not just about the players. There are couple of men on the ground who control proceedings, make decisions, and ensure that the proceedings are smooth.

It wont be wrong to say they are the judges on the ground. Without the umpires its not possible to play a cricket match.

If you have played the game and want to give it back to the game, one such way is to officiate. So did Mr. Nawdeep Mishra who began his umpiring career way back in the year 2000. 15 years and on, he is still going strong on his job. Till date he has officiated in over 450 matches in India and abroad.

He is a MCA panel umpire and officiates in corporate or community matches also ONLY if there are NO MCA matches.

He recently spent 6 months in  Nairobi, Kenya on a office assignment and also officiated in Super leagues over there. Also was an umpire in the U-19 Kenya V/s. Pakistan match there. Also officiated at matches in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar in Senior division matches.

He drew his inspiration from his mentors and senior umpires Mr. Ganesh Iyer and Mr. M.R.Singh, and since Mr. Mishra was familiar with the laws of the game ,that helped him a lot. One needs to focus and concentrate 100% which is a huge challenge no matter how senior you become as an umpire. You need to be well versed with the 42 laws of cricket and in order to do this, Mr. Mishra suggests that upcoming umpires should read and understand laws very well for them to become a good umpire.

Mr. Mishra’s experience is there for the taking. For all those who want to make a mark in umpiring, can follow his footsteps. He has shown us the way.

Article by Venkatraman Iyer

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Venkatraman Iyer


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