Applied Vision Cricket From U.S.A partners with CricketGraph for India market

Different sports can learn from each other, and this is so true with baseball and cricket. There are many similarities between these two sports.

Applied Vision Baseball, hailed as the ultimate pitch recognition training mobile app in the United States, got a huge response within a year of its official launch. The app was built to help hitters develop superior pitch recognition skills and abilities. Pitch-Path Anticipation, Visual tracking, Dilation Speed, Pitch-Sequence Recall and, other various pitch recognition skill-sets are tools that hitters will develop in their hitter’s tool-box while using the Applied Vision App.

Due to the overwhelming response from the baseball community, Mark Brooks, the founder of AVB, extended the expertise into a similar sport – Cricket, by launching Applied Vision Cricket.

Like baseball, in cricket too, a lot depends on the batsman’s ability to anticipate the line, the length of the ball, the swing (inswing or outswing), spin and other such variables in real time. The most successful batsmen with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Joe Root etc are great in anticipation.

“Applied Vision Cricket mobile app helps aspiring cricketers to anticipate the deliveries. Batsman can choose the type of bowler, type of delivery, pace, difficulty level etc which helps them to work on their weakness. It also helps them develop the most important ability of watching the ball till the last moment. Our app & settings are tested and proved to be a game changer”, said Mark Brooks.

On their partnership with CricketGraph, Mark added, “We were on the look out of an able partner, who believes in our vision and at the same time also adds value to our offerings. CricketGraph has been operating in the grass root cricket space for over 10 years, and we instantly connected. We are excited to partner with CricketGraph exclusively for the entire of India. Through this partnership we would like to help and inspire a new generation of cricket.

At present AVC , offers a monthly & yearly package, which can be subscribed online through the official website,

AVC has other exciting features in the pipeline like VR, which will change the entire landscape.

Amol Sonavane, one of the founders of CricketGraph mentioned, “Before we shook hands, our team tested the app and instantly found it useful. Many kids are hooked onto mobile devices, and this is an excellent way for a young cricketers to make the mobile device more productive now. It’s a fun way to anticipate and improvise on batting”.

AVC & CricketGraph will start customizing the content and other features to suit the Indian cricketers.

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